[PRIMAVERA] Photography of Jessica Grodowski at Carpe Diem Experience

April 4, 2012 in Downtown Fullerton Art Walk

Carpe Diem Experience & Adorned present: [PRIMAVERA] Photography of Jessica Grodowski, Friday April 4th Compassionate, creative, credible are all words that describe this photographer. Jessica selected photography as the art form to capture life in the particular mediumas it is the best way to express whatever she has to say. Through the camera lens Jessica can share all the secret wonderful events that she so loves – that many others have not discovered.

This collection of images is from her summer trip to Seattle. The themes of these photos are adventure and free spirit: the embodiment of spring. Included is the picture titled “love”. This picture speaks volumes because everyone who sees it has their own interpretation of what it conveys. Love is universal. For me love allows freedom even when the walls of circumstances try to surround me.