DAILY NEWS collages by Bette McIntire at Tranquil Tea Lounge. Find the underground poem.

November 2, 2012 in Downtown Fullerton Art Walk

November-December 2012 Art Show at Tranquil Tea Lounge featuring…

Bette McIntire – hoboworks.com

About my DAILY NEWS collages

It is my suspicion that stirring within the black and white “who, where, what, when” of the daily news, there waits an underground poem.

When I make my Daily News collages, I begin with the front page of one day’s newspaper and continue on through all the sections–cutting out headlines, captions, fragments of text and images. I rearrange the words to write a found poem. Then I head down to my factory, my underground (downstairs) studio. I work with whatever is at hand to re-imagine the day’s news, to re-habitate the world. I use the newspaper fragments, paints, stamps, pens, blue, scraps of junk mail, thoughts and sometimes my own photographs to make the day’s collage. I spray the newspaper to make it acid-free, and so, archival.

My desire–to find the underground poem, to awaken something more real than the world of the daily headlines.