Hibbleton Gallery Presents: Save Mike Atta!

December 29, 2012 in Downtown Fullerton Art Walk

Hello friends,

Our dear friend Mike Atta is battling cancer, and he needs our help. On January 4, 2013, Hibbleton Gallery will be hosting a benefit art show to raise money for Mike’s treatment and for his family. Mike has been an integral part of Fullerton’s art and music scene for many years. He’s the guitarist for the iconic punk band The Middle Class, and he owns Out of Vogue, the coolest store in downtown Fullerton.

We are looking for local artists and musicians to donate art and music to the show. All proceeds will go to the Atta family.

Here’s what we have so far. Art by…

John M. Sollom
William Zdan
Mike Myers
Roxanna Mostatabi
Ryan Ward
Michael Magoski
Hagop Najarian
Christie Yuri Noh
Jonathan St. Amant
Shannon Le Clair
Rene Cardona
Jeñifer Míller Hernández
Alan De Herrera
Katie Perdue
Dave Castr
and more!

Music (autographed LPs, t-shirts, posters, etc) by…

The Adolescents
Channel 3
45 Grave
The Middle Class
Sons of Anarchy
Agent Orange
Social Distortion
Jon Doe
Manic Hispanic
Rikk Agnew
Stuffed Animal Baby

Hope to see you there!


Hibbleton Gallery
The Magoski Arts Colony