Shifting Conditions at PÄS Gallery

January 24, 2013 in Downtown Fullerton Art Walk

Friday February First, PÄS Gallery welcomes SHIFTING CONDITIONS, the works of Hank Huang and Annie Compean, presented by White Matter. Come enjoy the Downtown Fullerton Art Walk and see a variety of work from these two prolific local artists, including paintings, drawings, sketches and 3D work.

Hank Huang
“Hank was born with an affinity for the analog and the digital before he even knew it. He wears two bracelets. One made of stone and the other made to count his footsteps on an LCD screen. He is a painter at heart but has always worked with computers by occupation. His artwork reflects this split between the natural and the digital. In combining these themes, the result leaves Hank in an artistic exploration to space.”

Annie Compean
“I have found that my concepts start to spread in multiple directions. I am constantly trying to tie them together but it may be that they should exist in different conversations. What is consistent in my work are themes of time and aging communicated though figures as well as landforms or objects. My goal is to depict life as a collection of events that shape us – rearrange and erode us.”

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