Proof Of Existence

March 1, 2013 in Downtown Fullerton Art Walk, Uncategorized

Proof of existence project
“If you had one hour to do something for yourself every day for one year, eliminating the option of not doing “it”, what would it be and why would you do it? For the past year of my life, this question has been at the heart of my days, acting as the life’s blood this project’s philosophy: To do something for ourselves with a daily diligence and see what happens. ” -Hely Omar GonzalezFor our 3rd Anniversary of the Fullerton Art Walk OTTO is very happy to bring you Hely Omar Gonzalez’s ‘Proof of Existence‘ portrait project.

Please come to our Commonwealth Avenue gallery and shop at the next Fullerton Art Walk to spend at least part of an hour of your life with Hely and the OTTO crew.   If you don’t come and see it Friday you will be a day older on Saturday. If you come and see it on Friday you will be a day older on Saturday AND maybe more inspired and perhaps a little wiser. We’ll be happy to see you again! In the meantime, find us on Facebook!