April 3, 2013 in Downtown Fullerton Art Walk


The artist, Janice D. Monaco, has been drawing since she was very young – questioning why her drawings looked different from the other children.

Through her years, she has created everything from  cartoons to original life drawings, using just about every  medium in the process.

She worked as a visual merchandiser for a large department store – followed by a career in the corporate world. Through that time, she would draw greeting cards for co-workers, family, and friends – including her traditional Christmas card.  Later on, Janice set up a web site, for her cards, entitled “Artfelt Greetings;”  but, eventually, let it go to pursue her passion at a more serious level.

For over a year now, Janice has participated in Fullerton’s monthly Art Walk, beginning at the Magoski Arts Colony, and continuing on through Fullerton Cafes and Boutiques – all with great success.  She has, also, donated her work to many silent auctions…raising money for various charities.

Janice’s pieces are all one-of-a-kind originals – with unique styling; and if you look closely…you will see a delightful 60’s influence showing through some.

A longtime customer,

Rose Annatto