Lucero Photography presents – HUMANITY – Artist Claudia Oun Ok Kim on May 3rd, 6-10pm

April 29, 2013 in Downtown Fullerton Art Walk

When Claudia Oun Ok Kim found more time on her hands and a new season in life, she decided to fulfill one of her lifelong dreams by putting her hand to paint. What began as a hobby and a journey to discover more about herself as an individual, became a passion and an avenue to pursue a professional career as an artist. Kim believes that no matter what life may bring you or what age you find yourself, new discoveries about yourself and even new careers can emerge.


Kim’s painting process begins as a sketch of her main concept on canvas. From there she paints on an acrylic plate and then presses it against the main canvas. She has experimented with this painting process to create layers of printed images that create a mystical effect that can’t be expressed by brush strokes.


Her colors are sweet and pleasant, well harmonized, and fulfill space with groups of indescribable shapes, which are amazingly alive at the same time. These groups of shapes embrace each other, and even further, they have a strong bond which becomes an axis of her paintings.

Kim’s artwork are formations of overcoming the years of unbearable hardships. Her passion for art is expressed through putting on canvas her emotions, griefs, heartaches and hopes. She embraces time and space and reaches out to the future full of delightful dreams.