Cryptids & Other Imaginary Specimens @ Hibbleton

May 8, 2013 in Downtown Fullerton Art Walk


Dear friends,

You are cordially invited to Hibbleton Gallery’s next art exhibit entitled “Cryptids and Other Imaginary Specimens” featuring artwork by Nicole Sloan and Wendy Kubiak. The opening reception is Friday, June 7th from 6-10pm, during the Downtown Fullerton Art Walk. As always, this event is FREE and open to the public.

Nicole Sloan and Wendy Kubiak are visual artists with widely diverse backgrounds but a shared interest in watercolor as an expressive medium. With Kubiak’s meandering lines and Sloan’s bold colors, they showcase their different styles in relation to the content. Side by side, these artists work together to investigate their interpretations of oddities, both from popular culture and their own imaginations. This exhibition explores their mutual fascination with tall tales, strange beings, myth, and cryptozoology.

Nicole Sloan – MFA Photography
Wendy Kubiak – BA Anthropology

Hope to see you there!


Hibbleton Gallery
inside the Magoski Arts Colony