Secret City Comics Society Presents Local Artist Jenn Pluta

June 7, 2013 in Downtown Fullerton Art Walk

992832_534213976637115_2074189120_nJoin us this Friday at 6:30 pm and meet Secret City’s Featured Artist Jenn Pluta. Also stick around for our 8:00 show too.

” As Katherine McCoy once said, “A design has no more integrity than its purpose or subject matter.” Through design, I hope to engage people by provoking thought and emotion regarding current issues and events. I strive for the work I create to act as a catalyst of inspiration and positive influence on my community.

Jenn PlutaAs a graphic designer with a fine arts background I have been fine-tuning my creative process to encompass various methods of making. The materials I use tend to be a direct reflection of my environment. As a result of living in Los Angeles I have developed a love for street art mediums and utilizing found objects to inform my design process. My vibrant color palette choices stem from my childhood growing up in Hawaii. Aside from art, I am very passionate about music, which is often incorporated into my personal work. Some find comfort and a sense of belonging in the House of God; I find it at the House of Blues.”

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