The Nancy Johnson Exhibit

June 2, 2013 in Downtown Fullerton Art Walk




Roadkill Ranch & Boutique (located at 119 E. Commonwealth Ave. in Fullerton) is proud to present the amazing works of local artist Nancy Johnson. Her paintings are whimsical, witty and wonderful. Please join us on June 7th from 6 pm to 10 pm, for Fullerton’s Art Walk.

About Nancy:

“In my life I have experienced many obstacles and letting those

experiences shine through my work I believe lets me express myself on a

different level.

I start out simply amusing myself with thinking up different scenarios and

quite often collage images for pure fantasy sake. If it makes me smile and

the energy feels good I usually go with it. I intentionally paint regular

everyday things in unexpected ways.

My soft surreal narrative approach combined with realism lets me

experiment with my unconventional quirky thought process.

A good portion of my paintings are evolved when I let myself not worry

what others may think. When I let the creative process take hold and run

with me is when I feel the most alive.

I think quite often we hold ourselves to certain standards or behaviors

that keep us from being our true selves. We restrain our instincts of what

we desire and simply do what is expected from others. To bind our

thought process, binds us from moving forward. Moving forward frees us

to life’s pleasures.”


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