FC Transferring Student Art Exhibit @ The Egan

July 2, 2013 in Downtown Fullerton Art Walk


On July 5th The Egan (a part of The Magoski Arts Colony) is hosting curator Diana Clark as she exhibits the 2013 Fullerton College Transferring Students Art Exhibit. Fullerton College was a big part of our Love. Sex. Unity. Respect. show on marriage equality, with both faculty and students submitting art and volunteering. The Egan is in fact named after FC faculty Professor the late Bob Egan, so it’s only appropriate that we now host Fullerton College’s most talented artists before they go on to greater and better things. Please come out for July’s Fullerton Art Walk and show these great young artists support.

These are the artists:
Beatriz C. Hussar
Britny Gledhill
Haileigh Valenzuela
Jeffrey Maurer
Jessica Johnson
Kory Freemam
Lana Licata
Lillana Padailla
Sarah Han
Shohreh Darvish


The Egan Gallery
(inside The Magoski Arts Colony)
223 W. Santa Fe. Ave
Fullerton, CA