Glimpses: a Zine Release Party @ BOOKMACHINE

March 19, 2014 in Downtown Fullerton Art Walk

You are invited to BOOKMACHINE books + zines next exhibit entitled “Glimpses”: a zine release party + art/music show, featuring the release of “Glimpses” a zine by Garrett La Bonte. The event is Friday, April 4th during the Downtown Fullerton Art Walk.

glimpses promo

“glimpses” is a collection of interviews and photography that shows moments of experiences in my life. there are people i have met and things that I have seen that mean quite a deal to me. so being able to share those things in a physical format just makes sense.

–Garrett La Bonte

GLIMPSES #1 has three interviews: the first with Christopher Gordon from Yorba Linda, CA. he is an active member of the Orange County music and arts community, has a band Roman Candles, and writes, edits, and publishes his own zine called the stowaways. The second interview is with Elliot Babin from Mar Vista, CA. Elliot is drummer of the popular post-hardcore group Touche Amore and is the writer/singer/composer of the band Dad Punchers. Elliot has toured all over the world in his bands but is still an active participant in the Southern California DIY punk/indie scene. The last interview is with Rudy Murillo, from Corona CA. Rudy is bassist of the hardcore punk band New Brigade and is the co-creator of the acclaimed punk music festival called Destroy L.A. The rest of the issue contains short writings and photography of mine from the past 3 years.

This zine brings attention to stories and experiences that some may not be aware of or wouldn’t look into otherwise. It captures a musical scene from the area, but it even delves deeper into the personalities and lives of these creative individuals that have somehow affected my life for the better.

GILMPSES #1 Release Show will feature the first pressing of glimpses that will be for sale for $2, and there also will be a few full color versions for sale for $2 as well (there will probably only be 4 or 5, so they are very limited). There will also be two acoustic sets. The opening set will be by me, Garrett La Bonte, the author of glimpses. I will be performing original material and also songs of the bands that are featured in the zine. The second and headlining set will be by Elliot Babin, who will be performing a solo set of songs by his band Dad Punchers.

BOOKMACHINE books + zines specializes in zines, handmade books, and used books. We are located at 223 W. Santa Fe. Ave in Downtown Fullerton (inside The Magoski Arts Colony).

Hope to see you there!


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