Quatre Meillures: OC Weekly’s Best Artists

January 23, 2015 in Downtown Fullerton Art Walk


You are invited to Max Bloom’s Cafe Noir on Friday, Feb 6th from 6-10pm for the debut of Max Bloom’s Art Gallery and “QUATRE MEILLURES: OC Weekly’s Best Artists” featuring Valerie Lewis, Kebe Fox, John Sollom, and Russ Pope.

In collaboration with local activist and art curator Stephan “Bax” Baxter, Fullerton coffee shop Max Bloom’s Café Noir is joining the Downtown Fullerton Art Walk after re-molding to now include an art gallery. As a result of the collaboration, Max Bloom’s Café Noir has updated its signage to reflect the new brand and artistic focus at Max Bloom’s Café Noir & Art Gallery.

With the addition of new walls, new paint, lighting, and the removal of merchandise and furniture in preparation for art walk, Max Bloom’s will have a spacious contemporary art gallery style for the opening. This inaugural exhibition, “QUATRE MEILLURES” has set a new standard for Fullerton’s Art Walk, featuring artwork from four artists who have all been named by OC Weekly as the “Best Visual Artist” in recent years. Participating artists in “QUATRE MEILLURES” include Valerie Lewis (2014 recipient), Kebe Fox (2013 recipient), John Sollom (2012 recipient), and Russ Pope (2010 recipient). The work in this exhibit is some of the most thoughtful and interesting pieces of art created by these influential local visual artists, and is the first time they have all shown in the same exhibition space together. “QUATRE MEILLURES” is a rare and symbiotic creative event, bringing together OC’s most talented contemporary artists, delicious food and beverages, and an expanded supportive local community.


Max Bloom’s Cafe Noir and Art Gallery