BOOKMACHINE presents: A Zine Party!

June 2, 2015 in Downtown Fullerton Art Walk


You are cordially invited to the latest art show at BOOKMACHINE books + zines. We’re calling it “Zine Party!” It features the talents of several members of the Magoski Arts Colony, and is a celebration of DIY zine making. The opening reception is Friday, June 5, 2015 from 6-10 during the Downtown Fullerton Art Walk.

The story of Zine Party (by Kristy Prince):

It started because I teach art to kids with All the Arts for All the Kids. I started six weeks ago. Now that the schools are going into summer, I wanted to teach a lesson that kids can do over summer at home, something they can do alone or with friends, something that might not need a teacher, and something that might not be expensive. I teach with fancy art supplies, but what if kids don’t have that? I want them to use what they already have. That’s the cool thing about zines. You only need a pen and a paper, and you use the things you already have at home: junk mail, newspaper, catalogues. So zines are it! Yes! I then put out a Facebook request to see who wanted to join me in making examples for the kids at school. Then Jen said “Yes”! And Candace said “Yes”! So the stars aligned and we met at the Magoski Arts Colony.

Little by little, people started showing up! It was a good night! An electric night! And then Brandon and Pamela with all the kids said “Yes!” Zine Party! And then Mike (the host that he is) brought out the pie, and we all said “Yes!” And then all mayhem broke out, but that’s another story. I brought all the zines we made to the kids the next day! I also shared about “Us” — the colony, our gallery, and about putting on art shows. The best part is watching what the kids come up with. And you don’t need fancy supplies to make cool art! We had so much fun getting together that first night that we have been meeting for “Creative Wednesdays” ever since. And we are gonna keep meeting every Wednesday to make things, create, share, learn, and build community. You can call us “The Fanatical Get On Downs.” Bring it! It’s open to all. Things you may need to bring: pens, sharpie, lots of glue, tape, stapler, collage paper, anything you may want to cut. Zine party line-up:

Kristy Prince
Candace Magoski
Jen Fedrizzi
Michael Magoski
Brian Prince
Noah Prince
Ezra Prince
Dan Joyce
Rene Cardona
The Munoz family
and more…

Topics/titles of zines:

Chasing Things
Duane’s Life
The Origin of Vince
Getting Run Over by Cars

See you there!


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