René Cardona

October 22, 2015 in Downtown Fullerton Art Walk

Screen Shot 2015-10-22 at 6.18.59 PMRoadkill Ranch & Boutique (located at 119 E. Commonwealth Ave., Fullerton, CA) is proud to present “the cool cowboys” exhibit by local artist René Cardona.

Since 1990, Rene has been painting Spiritual Conceptualism with a soft blend from darks to lights. His unique style and technique along with his creative use of color has gained him some serious notoriety within the community.

When Cameron Irons from Vanguard Property approached Brian Prince (one of the founders of Fullerton’s Art Walk) about doing a public art display in the alcoves on Amerige Ave., he immediately thought of René Cardona.

After meeting with Irons, René sold him on the idea of a changing mural project that would allow other talented artists a chance to contribute to Fullerton’s forging art scene by publicly showcasing their work as well. The rotating project currently boasts the amazing works of René Cardona and Shannon LeClair. (The mural is quickly approaching its 4th installation.)

René is excited about his recent move into The Magoski Arts Colony (known as RSpacE), where he will continue to collaborate on various projects and performances with artists Shannon LeClair and Emily Heller. The group is currently working on a “Steam Punk Mad Tea Party” installation for the holidays, as well as the “Amerige Alcoves” panels for next year.

“A lot of new inspiration bringing about a new moment within my art for sure and a lot of it is based on reaching out artistically to everyone.” —René Cardona

RSpacE is located at:
223 West Santa Fe Ave.,
Fullerton, CA


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