Neon, Rust, and Faded Paint @ Max Bloom’s

March 3, 2016 in Downtown Fullerton Art Walk


You are invited to a collaborative event featuring paintings by Steve Metzger and photography by Jon Lee. We are surrounded by signs every day of our lives. Whether we look for them or not our movements, sense of direction, and the way our minds process the plethera of information around us is greatly influenced by signs. Most take signs simply at face value and use them as a tool to direct and align ourselves with destinations or to guide our actions to stop, yield, proceed with caution. To others, signs are a reflection of the times and a snap shot of the style and architecture surrounding us.

Join us this Friday, March 4th, in a look back at the signs of our past times and the remaining relics left to remind us that disco may not be dead, but it is a bit faded. Please RSVP to the event and bring your empty stomach for boozy treats.

Check out the Facebook event page HERE.