Ukulena and iPopCultura!

September 29, 2016 in Downtown Fullerton Art Walk


“Mid-Century can be an ambiguous term whether it be 1850s or 1950s and my home is surrounded by those things of the past. A child of the ’60s, teenager of the ’70s, twenty-something of the ’80s—well you get the point, has provided me a wealth of influences that I pull from to create AND design for the 21st Century.” —Brian Torres

¡Pop Cultura! is the pseudonym for the individual Brian Torres. But, it is more than that. It is an aesthetic, an attitude and a vehicle to showcase creativity—whether it be Graphic Design, Illustration, Photography, Fine Art, Fashion, Cinema, Interior Design, Wine Making, or Craft Beer Brewing, it’s wherever your imagination takes you.

As an artist himself with impeccable taste, and an avid collector, Brian’s recent venture in creating one-of-a-kind, luxury pillows for the home makes perfect sense.

Each piece is hand made with love from pristine, vintage Pendleton wools and branded with old-school car emblems and metal toys like airplanes and cars from the ’50s. Roadkill Ranch & Boutique is proud to present his iPopCultura! decorative accessory collection during Fullerton’s next Art Walk on Friday, October 7th.

And for your listening pleasure, Marlena Khramov AKA Ukulena will be performing live from 6pm to 10pm. She is a multi-talented musician, singer and songwriter. Her notoriety comes mainly as the lead singer of The Nesting Dolls, but Marlena has just released her first solo CD Ukulena. It’s a beautiful compilation of vocals and ukulele strums.

We hope you’ll stop by Roadkill Ranch & Boutique located at 119 E. Commonwealth Ave. in downtown Fullerton, Ca.

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