Tucker Boyes

October 31, 2016 in Downtown Fullerton Art Walk


Roadkill Ranch & Boutique has been a consistent, proud sponsor of Fullerton’s Art Walk since 2010, featuring the works of local talent and live musical performances by Guy Nelson. Although they’ve had various musical acts, like Ukulena, El Mysterioso and B is Bridgie, Guy Nelson has performed over 40 times as their faithful in house musician, and will be playing Friday, Nov. 4th as well.


This month Roadkill Ranch & Boutique is proud to present the Tucker Boyes exhibit.


Tucker Boyes is a local artist living in Fullerton with his wife Loralee. He is inspired by the innate cartoonish nature of life, and the colorful punch is revealed in his work. He’s often describes his art as “toon realism”, instilling his stylistic twist onto the world around him, and inviting the viewer to step into the vibrant world he sees.


He currently studies art at Fullerton College, and is constantly learning how to better himself as an artist. He has been drawing since he was a small child and still holds the passion and drive to create.

You can often find him at Disneyland, where he works, or at home with his wife and pets in west Fullerton.

Email: boyestucker@gmail.com

Instagram (IG): theartoftuckerboyes

For more information on this art venue, please visit www.roadkillranch.com


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