Line and Implication: Art by Jac Capra

December 14, 2016 in Downtown Fullerton Art Walk


You are invited to the latest art exhibit at Hibbleton Gallery, entitled “Line and Implication” featuring the artwork of Jac Capra. The opening reception is Friday, January 6th from 6-10pm during the monthly Downtown Fullerton Artwalk. As Always, this event is FREE and open to the public.

With “Line and Implication” Capra discusses the partitions that we use to define our lives and the world around us. The pieces themselves sit between finished and unfinished, splitting the dichotomy of art and the process that leads to it. The materials used aim to unveil the process that the art went through to achieve its current form rather than create an illusion of effortlessness. The artificial appearance of the work asks questions about the conceptual lines that we use to separate and connect objects, ideas, people, and places. To draw a line is to create a partition, a barrier between two things. The lines between us and ‘the other’ is illusionary, but it has the power to influence our entire lives.

The interconnectedness of all things is abstract and complex. It is a ball of yarn yet to be unraveled, and as we walk through our lives we divide and connect the people, places and ideas in our life with that yarn. Taking a step back and looking at that process is overwhelming as we begin to realize that everything around us is connected beyond our perception.

Jac Capra is a Santa Ana based artist who finds inspiration through literature and everyday interactions. His expression ranges from photography, poetry, fiction, painting and music. His focus lies in the implications that arise from the language that we use day to day and how that works to separate and define our reality.

Hibbleton Gallery
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