Wendy Manzano @ Vino Nostra for March

March 2, 2017 in Downtown Fullerton Art Walk


Join us for Downtown Fullerton Artwalk

Friday, March 3, 2017


Wendy Manzano

Artist Bio: My paintings are a combination of observation and wonder. They stem from an experience with the environment, a story, a song, a photo. As I turn them over in my mind they become my beloved. I marvel at their science, ponder their truth and meditate on the unexpected emotional reaction. I fall in love with its colors, shapes, movement, words. While painting, I allow it to express itself and take on its own vibrant meaning. In this process the subject often becomes abstract and dramatized.

I live in Fullerton, California an ideal city for an artist to live. A city that has a collective spirit for all of the arts, thrives on activity and nurtures community. Downtown Fullerton ArtWalk takes place on the first Friday of the month; artists share and sell their work at various venues across town. I will be the featured artist at Vino Nostra Retail and Wine Bar during the month of March 2017. My most recent paintings will be on display starting Friday March 3, 2017. All of the paintings displayed with a price are for sale (sold paintings are indicated with a red dot). Arrangements to purchase artwork can be made directly through the staff of Vino Nostra.

This months collection reflects of the tenderness in which we fertilize our lives. Harvesting from the garden. Choosing a peach of a friend to be with. Blooming with beauty from within. Letting go of our dead leaves. The thorny vines, cactus needles and dead leaves are not there to undermine but rather project these truths in nature. The woman depicted are from a combination of candid and posed photos. The scrapbooked series are from candid photos I’ve taken (minus the wild flowers and vines). The remaining woman were painted using models. I am grateful for their willingness in this project and hope I have emanated their beauty.

I thank you for taking the time to read this and to view the artwork.