August 4, Exhibit from Lolo Boutique features Janice D. Monaco –

July 28, 2017 in Downtown Fullerton Art Walk



“Janice has been drawing as far back as she can remember, creating everything from cartoons to original life drawings – using multiple mediums in the process.  Even while working as a visual merchandiser for Buffums department store…followed by a career in the corporate world…she never stopped drawing.

In the 80’s, Janice had an opportunity to take life drawing lessons from Artist Don May (the personal friend/artist to Conrad Hilton and his hotels); this amazing experience encouraged her to expand into more creative subjects.

Since 2011, Janice has participated in Fullerton’s monthly art walk – starting out at the Magoski Arts Colony, and then continuing on through Fullerton cafes and shops…all with great success.

Multiple black and white images of Janice’s works have been purchased by Haddad’s Fine Arts, and sold by retail outlets such as Home Goods.

She, also, donates her work to many silent auctions, raising money for various charities.

Janice’s works are all originals with unique styling; and if you look closely, especially, in her printed art cards & tiles, you’ll see a delightful 60s influence showing through her art.”

                                                                                         Janice D. Monaco