Crumpet: Art and Zines by Tommy Kovac

September 15, 2017 in Downtown Fullerton Art Walk

On Friday, October 6th at Hibbleton Gallery (inside the Magoski Arts Colony), there will be a brand new comic art and zine exhibit featuring the release of CRUMPET: Variety Comics by Tommy Kovac, vol.1. The opening reception is from 6-10 during the Downtown Fullertn Art Walk. This event is free and open to the public.

A collection of comic entertainments, some auto-biographical, some not. CRUMPET features dreams about being bullied in high school, true life squirrel obsession, and original characters such as the Skelebunnies, Heenie, Flower Bean, and Buttwing! It’s for fun. And once in a while, there’s a point.

Tommy Kovac is a local Orange County writer/artist who has been published professionally by SLG Publishing, Inc., and Disney Press. Some of his graphic novels have appeared on the American Library Association’s yearly list of Great Graphic Novels for Teens. Sometimes he designs T-shirts, sometimes he experiments with “fine art,” sometimes he writes short scary stories. One thing he always does, though, is weird little comics. He has worked full time as a library technician for 23 years, and co-created 9 issues of an indie zine called “Library Bonnet.” A reviewer once mentioned Library Bonnet’s “fidgety energy,” and that sums Kovac up pretty well. Bonus fact: Kovac is married to his high-school crush, Anthony. They’ve been together for 27 years.

Hibbleton Gallery
(located inside the Magoski Arts Colony)
223 W. Santa Fe Ave. Fullerton