Open for Bitness @ Mind Flirt Studio and Gallery

September 29, 2017 in Downtown Fullerton Art Walk

You are cordially invited to the latest exhibit at Mind Flirt Studio and Gallery (located inside the Magoski Arts Colony), featuring the fiber and textile artwork of a recent Grad from Cal State Long Beach, Brianna Meli. The opening reception is Friday, October 6th from 6-10pm during the Downtown Fullerton Art Walk.

Here is a brief statement from the artist herself.

As time and technology advance, we are increasingly more connected. Rapid communication and acquisition of information is progressively convenient and becoming the norm. Despite all of these seemingly exciting and beneficial changes, I find myself struggling. I can’t help but ask my self:

“What is it exactly that I am connecting myself TO?”
“Why do I feel empty with contact at my finger tips?”
“How many hours have I spent looking at my phone today?”
“Does anyone else feel this way?”

As modern practices as a contemporary artist require more time “online”, I feel pressure to “stay connected”. I find myself struggling. I can’t help but ask myself:

“What happens if I choose to disconnect; what will happen to my visibility?”
“How will anyone see my work if it isn’t online? Does anyone value physical platforms as a regular checked source of information?”
“Where is the connection to my physical body going if I spend so much time in a digital realm?”

It is here that I find myself torn between two realities. To function as both a physical body in this tangible state, and as mental energy to exist in an indefinite space of expanding technology.


In creating this event for Brianna to show in my space, I can’t help but realize and feel what she is questioning and wanting others to possibly question for themselves.

Writing this show description stirs emotions for me. I am being a part of the connect/disconnect but at the same time knowing this is our world today and artists like Brianna Meli are the progressives that also help us find a grounding. So within that I’m here to represent a thought provoker, a statement maker and talented soul that is here to help us see what connectivity is to us.

I’m here to connect you with Brianna Meli because she’s a gift to our society.