Lolo Boutique presents Watercolors by Amy LeNay – Downtown Fullerton Art Walk, 7/6/08

July 3, 2018 in Downtown Fullerton Art Walk

Amy LeNay is an artist and poetess from Highland, California… Her work has been displayed in art galleries such as:  The Magoski Art Gallery in Fullerton, California and Avant Garden Gallery in Santa Ana, California.  Her art has also been featured in the Orange County Local Arts magazine.  Amy’s poetry style is influenced by Jim Morrison, Sylvia Plath and Anais Nin.  Amy has three poetry books available:  “In an In Between”, “Bad Wine Switched to Fresh Flames”, and “Dissolving Love Pill”.  Her poems are about deep emotions such as love, loss and self discovery.

Join us on the 8th at Lolo’s and discover Amy’s incredible talent for watercolor art.  Downtown Fullerton’s Art Walk begins at 6 pm and is free for everyone.