Artist Emily Heller at Lolo Boutique – December 7, 2018 beginning at 6 pm.

December 6, 2018 in Downtown Fullerton Art Walk

Emily Heller is a local artist who sees the world with a fresh perspective.  In all she creates, her aim is to conjure any emotion within the viewer that reflects energy put into the piece.   Emily works with a wide variety of mediums.  Oil painting, mosaic and assemblage are some of her favorites.

This month she will be showing something quite new.  Finding beauty in nature, she wanted to reflect it on the wall.  She will be showing succulent art boxes along with a few oil paintings and some hand-carved wood block prints.

Emily works as an art and music teacher and as a private instructor.  She says “life couldn’t be better, I have found what I love and am passionate about it, igniting the minds of children is my specialty and if I can touch the viewers of my art I am truly blessed.”