Author Update Instructions

updating the web site:
each venue is responsible for posting their current events on the blog.

here’s how you update the blog with your current show:

  1. log in.
  2. add new post.
  3. Title: type in your show’s title… you might want to also type in the art walk date and your venue name in the title for easier end-user navigation.
  4. Image (optional): below the Title area, there is an icon that says “Upload/Insert.” click on it. either ‘drag and drop’, or “Select File” from your computer. once it’s loaded, you will have options: a) first you want to go to the bottom of the image dialog box and click “Use as Featured Image” (this will put a preview in the slider on the Home page). b) next click “Insert into Post” this will put the image in the body of your post.
  5. Body: type in a description of your show in the body section.
  6. Category: in the right column, check the “Downtown Fullerton Art Walk” Category.
  7. Tags (optional): enter tags, separated by commas, describing your show. (ie: PÄS, downtown fullerton, art gallery, monk carpentero, off the wall exhibit) etc…
  8. click Publish. and wa-la.