Love. Sex. Unity. Respect. at the Magoski Arts Colony

April 29, 2013 in Downtown Fullerton Art Walk

You are cordially invited to a two day opening reception,
Friday May 3rd & Saturday May 4th 2013, 6-11 pm.
“LOVE. SEX. UNITY. RESPECT.” an art exhibit
in support of marriage equality and the LGBT community.

On Display May 3 — May 25, 2013 at the Magoski Arts Colony
(home of PÄS, Hibbleton, Violethour Galleries and artist studios)
223/225 W. Santa Fe Ave., Fullerton, CA 92832

Valerie Lewis

motivation for the exhibit:
In 2008, Proposition 8, which banned same-sex marriage in the State of California, passed with a little more than 52% of the vote. Fullerton, combined with our neighbors in the northern most parts of Orange County, however, passed Prop 8 by 63%. It is important that those who aim to monopolize love and marriage understand to whom they are denying a fundamental social institution. In a small way this exhibit hopes to further acceptance and understanding through art which is inspired by the belief that all non-exploitative love is beautiful and valid.

the theme is “love”
this exhibit was open to any talented established or emerging artists who were appalled at same sex discrimination and the passage of laws such as Proposition 8 which deny one segment of the population equal access to marriage. The exhibit took on a voice of it’s own, one which exceeded our expectations and almost all of the art is positive in nature; celebrating love in any of it’s combinations, documenting the beautiful and ordinary lives of same sex couples, or otherwise supporting the LGBTQ community. Art on exhibit does not shame those who disagree with us as this only continues division. It is our belief that by elevating the importance of LOVE, the only measure by which candidates planning to marry should be judged, that we will find common ground and acceptance.

the agenda
“LOVE. SEX. UNITY. RESPECT.” hopes to accomplish the following:

  • To show mass love to Orange Counties LGBT Community
  • To put Fullerton on the right side of historyTo soften the hearts of those who today may not relate to what they believe is a lifestyle choice.
  • Unite like-minded residents in the common goal of legalizing same-sex marriage in California.
  • Raise significant funds by donating 50% of proceeds from the sale of art to OC AIDS WALK, which is taking place the weekend of the exhibit’s opening, and to raise further funds through our Art With An Agenda AIDS Walk team. Please see out AIDS Walk tab to join or donate. . The remaining 50% of proceeds from the sale of any work will be returned to the artist whose piece sold.
  • Continue to bring attention to the Fullerton Art Walk, participating artists, galleries, and the power of art.
  • We appreciate your interest and support.
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