Lolo Boutique is proud to present HEARTS OF STONE by Pictorial Artist Tamara Lujan – Friday, May 3

May 2, 2013 in Downtown Fullerton Art Walk

hearts of stone

With an extensive background in scenic artistry, having worked for many years at local amusement parks, theatres and small playhouses, professional Pictorial artist, Tamara Lujan, decided to merge those experiences with a lifelong desire to create her own worlds from dreams, fair tales and fantasies.  She has had her original art in several galleries and along with a flow of custom commissioned work, Tamara has recently begun to teach fine art classes.  Trying to keep a painterly feel to her artwork additionally creating those pieces using faux techniques learned along the way, Tamara brings the viewer on a journey through what may appear real but only is so in the mind.  Currently living in Southern California with her husband and son, Tamara spends her free time in her studio thoroughly lost in painting.  There are various half-done pieces lurking about the studio as Tamara usually jumps from one piece to another so not to get “stuck.”  This has resulted in myriad worlds, realms and dreamscapes for Tamara to be able to share with all who would like to be a guest.  One can be certain that there are still many worlds and cluttered dreams to pull into reality yet to be found through a paintbrush, bu if she continues with that of which she seems accustomed to doing, Tamara will find a way to bring them to the canvases surrounding her soon enough.