Past, Present, Future @ The Egan

October 26, 2013 in Downtown Fullerton Art Walk


Come to the Egan Gallery during the November Art Walk as The Egan family takes over The Egan Gallery with work by the late Professor Bob Egan, his granddaughter Grace Egan, his daughter-in-law Gina Lawson Egan and his son John Egan.

With this exhibit we intend to celebrate the talents of The Egan family through paint, assemblage, and ceramic sculpture and in doing so we will pay tribute to the man who had such a huge impact on his family and the lives of many who are involved in the local art scene today.

(The Past) Professor Bob Egan is a legend at Fullerton College and many of us in the local art scene today have Professor Egan to thank for making art fun, exciting and meaningful.

(The Present) John and Gina are themselves accomplished artists with John preferring assemblage work and Gina Lawson working with clay. Gina’s ceramic sculptures of the female figure have brought her much positive attention and we are honored to have her show at the art colony.

(The Future) Grace Egan, Bob’s granddaughter has inherited the love of art from both sides of the family and with the contribution from Grace we are assured that Bob’s legacy will continue for decades to come.

If you were one of Bob Egan’s students (Hagop Najarian, John Sollom, Brian Torres, Steve Metzger ….) we invite you to write your thoughts on Mr. Egan and our tribute wall which will be given to Bob widow Beverly Egan at the close of this exhibition.

The Egan Gallery
located inside The Magoski Arts Colony
223 W. Santa Fe. Fullerton, CA