Divergency: the art of Adam Watts @ The Egan

January 31, 2014 in Downtown Fullerton Art Walk


The Egan Gallery (located inside the Magoski Arts Colony) invites you to attend the grand opening of “Divergence”, the art of Adam Watts next Friday February 7th from 6 to 1-0 pm during the Downtown Fullerton Art Walk.

If you have not seen the work of artist Adam Watts at his own gallery, Internal Gallery and Oddities, please prepare to have your mind blown when you visit the Egan on the 7th. Adam’s turn of the century assemblage pieces incorporate everything from mannequin parts, the skeletal remains of possums and other animals, old school surgical equipment and Edison filament lighting.

Here is how Adam describes his motivation and the art:

“My longtime fascination with antiquities, mechanical design and anatomy has culminated in a sudden and all-encompassing desire to speak in the language of objects. The period of time from the late 19th century through the early 20th century is an era where man was striving in new ways to manipulate and harness the physical world through the use of mechanisms, electricity and a newfound knowledge and awareness of anatomy, medicine and the laws of physics. In that pre-digital age, manmade objects more readily mirrored the story of human beings’ internal struggle to overcome not only the external world, but the also the internal one.”

This event is open to the public, with free parking and free refreshments. The event is open to people of all abilities and all ages.

See you there!

The Egan Gallery
The Magoski Arts Colony