Chris Param | JPeaces | Jeremiah Shanholtzer | Isabell Uk | Dolly Rios at Tranquil Tea Lounge

March 2, 2014 in Downtown Fullerton Art Walk

This month Tranquil Tea Lounge will be featuring a collaboration of local artists from March 3- March 30.

Chris Param’s specialty includes creating art from magazine collages, drawings, oil/acrylic paintings and murals. Follow him on instagram: cparam_artwork to check out a sample of his work.

Justin JPeaces Param specializes in “Scratch Art”. His Scratch Boards are wooden boards with white clay and black ink on top. Could be considered etchings or carvings. The subjects are his own inspirations and visions.

Other featured artists include:
Jeremiah Luke Shanholtzer
Isabell Uk
Dolly Rios

Meet the artists at our booth located in the Fullerton Museum Plaza (located on Wilshire Ave and Harbor Blvd) this Friday, March 7th during the Fullerton Art Walk 4th Anniversary Celebration from 6-10pm. Check out for more info about the celebration.