Our Eyes, Spinning Like Propellers

May 22, 2014 in Downtown Fullerton Art Walk

“Light is the first visible animal of the invisible.”

–José Lezama Lima


You are cordially inited to the next exhibit at BOOKMACHINE books + zines entitled “Our Eyes, Spinning Like Propellers.” This is an art exhibit + zine release + film installation celebrating one year of film screenings at Hibbleton Gallery, curated by award-winning documentary filmmaker Steve Elkins. From the video experiments of Jean-Luc Godard, to documentaries about performance artists, to Japanese surrealist horror, each week has provided a community space for people to share what Elkins calls “our inner and collective mythologies about what the world is actually like.”

Looking back on this first year of the series, it has exceeded all our expectations. We have watched people from all sectors of the Fullerton community (lawyers, punks, city planners, students, linguists, pastors, artists, cryptologists) come together each week for deep and engaging discussions that often last for hours after each film… It shows more than ever that people don’t actually want the latest vomit from the film industry, that factory designed to ensure you do not think, but become a product of their own thought. “For me,” Elkins says, “Cinema was really an excuse to bring the Colony and the outside community together to talk to each other, to slow down and discuss our unique personal labyrinths of associations branching out from the images and sounds we share.

Hope to see you there!


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