Jenifer Hernandez

August 6, 2015 in Downtown Fullerton Art Walk

Jennifer Hernandez 2Jennifer Hernandez 3Screen Shot 2015-08-05 at 6.45.37 AMDon’t miss the Jenifer Hernandez art exhibit and live music by Guy Nelson at Roadkill Ranch & Boutique (located at 119 E. Commonwealth Ave., Fullerton, CA) on Friday, August 7th.

In Her Own Words

I’ve been drawing and painting since I could remember. My dad drafted, so I had all his drafting stuff to fiddle around with on left over blue prints and collected and used printer paper samples; I used to make small sculptures bonded with Scotch tape. My Mom always nurtured me artistically and both my parents gave me a thick skin to take suggestions and criticism.

I’ve had formal training throughout my life from a lot of great people and found a style all my own as a student at Cal State San Bernardino. I used to (and still do) use T-shirt paint, rhinestones, buttons, paper scraps, etc. flowing together on primed wood panels into lose, geometric patterns based on images from nature, Byzantine art and old, hand-painted Illuminated Manuscripts. I love the accuracy of straight lines, free flowing paintbrush strokes, glitter and bling (a mish mosh of materials, colors and patterns). “Abstract Pattern Design” an art teacher called it. That’s what I do.

After graduating, life happened, bills to pay and other responsibilities, the paintbrushes got dusty, occasionally painting and drawing here and there. Not until 2009, when my Mom was diagnosed with a second bout of breast cancer, that I picked up where I started. Creativity gave me an escape and an outlet through my Mom’s illness and death in 2010. I kept in mind my Mom making a point, noticing my dusty brushes hibernating in the garage. I had to dive into it no matter how old and limited my materials were. My Mom was early on hospice and I showed her a piece so intricate with detailed tightness, she had this “What the hell are you going through?” look on her face. I was very prolific. Thanks to Mike and Pam Atta, I was able to show this large amount of work at their downtown Fullerton shop “Otto.”

My 10-year daughter also inspires me to paint and I love it when we’re creating together. She’ll brag sometimes at school that her mom is an artist even though I have a hard time calling myself an “Artist.” “I like to paint.”


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