BOOKMACHINE presents: The YAAWN Comic!

April 25, 2016 in Downtown Fullerton Art Walk


You are cordially invited to the next art exhibit + zine release at BOOKMACHINE books + zines (located inside The Magoski Arts Colony) entitled “The YAAWN Comic” by Jessica Gonzales. The YAAWN Comic is a mostly true series of stories about a local band’s ongoing adventures as they navigate all that goes into being loud and angry in a sea of surf pop and dudes. The opening reception is Friday, May 6th from 6-10pm during the Downtown Fullerton Art Walk.

This will be the premiere of zine issue #2, Not Ska Enough, a tale of the band’s first foray into LA house shows and the unpleasant reception that followed. Also available will be YAAWN Comic Issue #1, Tales of the Gnarverse.


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