Shannon Kim exhibit at Lolo Boutique on Friday, March 2, 2018

February 27, 2018 in Downtown Fullerton Art Walk

Shannon Kim – Artist Statement

Shannon Kim grew up in Southern California, celebrating the perpetual summers, exploring life in between cultural lines, and grasping firmly to the making and experiencing of art. She studied at Fullerton College and the University of California, Berkeley and primarily uses oil paints with a blend of traditional materials to create her abstracted paintings. Her work is a continual exploration of layer, of line, and of the ocean as a metaphor. Art has always been an expression of her experience and an invitation to others to share in those moments. She has shown her artwork in galleries and venues around her hometown in Orange County, Los Angeles South Bay, and San Francisco Bay Area. Today, Shannon uses her Bachelor in Fine Arts to profess the importance of creativity to young artists in Manhattan Beach and spends most of her free time making art happen.