March 4, 2016

This year there will not be an anniversary gathering in one place, but rather a celebration throughout the city at the participating Art Walk venues. Congratulations Art Walk, for making six great years of art in Fullerton!


The Downtown Fullerton Art Walk is all about building relationships between arts organizations, downtown business, and the public, and has emerged as an integral part of Fullerton’s culture. It is developed and promoted by the downtown art community and retailers who independently curate their own shows. At its core, the Downtown Fullerton Art Walk is a coalition of galleries and businesses whose goal is to promote the arts and to build a tight-knit community.

The Downtown Fullerton Art Walk hopes to make the public aware of the diversity and quality of art in this growing center for the arts. Over recent years the artist community in Fullerton has expanded rapidly, spurred by the number of visitors to the city and also by the increased number of art venues.